How to Make Them Call the Service Desk

Let's consider a real problem that many newly-established Service Desks have to deal with. You have organized your Service Desk and hanged posters informing everyone in the company of where to call. Maybe you have even designed a flashy desktop wallpaper and distributed it to all PCs of your users. But the users still call your specialists directly. It is not occasional but widespread. How to turn it around?

Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Make sure your Service Desk people have the right attitude. Your users will love you for that.
  • Ensure good information exchange. Your team needs to be competent and make it visible to the users.
  • Train the rest of IT to point the users to the Service Desk any time they are called directly.
  • Avoid service degradation. Requests of your users cannot bounce from team to team endlessly.
  • Send out a periodic newsletter presenting the value that the Service Desk has brought to the organization. Provide facts.
  • Organize Service Desk "roaming patrols". By walking around and asking questions face to face your team becomes familiar to the rest of the organization.
Any other ideas you consider important for Service Desk's success?


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