ITSM Software is Useless

When I discussed the basic concepts behind setting up a Service Desk, I did not mention ITSM software at all. That is because it is not the most important thing. In fact, it is quite useless without well-designed processes to back it up. Do not even start to evalutate the software options until you have a framework on how you want to organize your IT service provision to the users.

Be a Successful Caveman

Good organization and the right mindset are crucial to be successful in IT Service Management. You can start providing better service to your users without any sophisticated tools. Simple to-do lists somewhere on a network drive could get you to a good start if they are managed effectively. No more excuses. No waiting for the software project to get approved and go through the full implementation cycle. Just go and start improving today.

The Next Step

Soon, you will discover that spreadsheets or pen and paper are not enough. You will need better tools to help you improve the way you work. You and your team have already started channelling communication with end users through the Service Desk and you started to notice the benefits, but also the challenges that come with it. The ITSM software is not useless anymore. It can help you address some of the challenges associated with division of labor:

  • assigning cases to various teams quickly and effectively,
  • making sure no case is lost in the process as the volume increases,
  • tracking how quickly cases are resolved and removing roadblocks where necessary.

Know Your Needs

The bottom line is that you need to be aware of what are your needs before you choose the right tool. More importantly, you need to create a buy-in within your organization. They need to be willing to change and adapt. Without that, your new tool will not be used by the team. They will perceive it as hinderance, not help.


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