Does ITIL Certificate Make You Successful?

Something about ITIL certification has been bothering me for a while. Being certified is a good indication of our knowledge of the theory. We have memorized all those terms and are able to cite them. We know the answer to case study questions. We know what answers are expected and how we should organize the processes on paper.

The question is, does it guarantee that we will able to do the same thing in real life? Does significantly increase our chances of success? I think it does in a way, but not to the degree we could expect. There is more to it. Applying it in practice requires more than superb mastery of ITIL theory.

Let's assume you have just passed the ITIL exam you have been studying so hard for. You suddenly have more confidence in yourself. You want to go and apply what you have learned. But you start to notice, that it is not that easy. For one, others do not share your enthusiasm. You have a hard time convincing your colleagues to new way of working. People tend to resist change; it is a human thing to do.

Your boss might share your enthusiasm after seeing your presentation full of promises. But he might dump the implementation entirely on you. Sure, he will "support" you by sending out an email from time to time. Essentially you will be on your own, trying to figure out how to go about the whole organizational change bit.

I am not trying to extinguish your enthusiasm. However, take into account that you need more than ITIL to start ITIL implementation. You need to have:

  • a team willing to take the challenge,
  • internal marketing campaign to build the enthusiasm and keep it going,
  • Project Management expertise to tie the loose ends together,
  • presentation skills to deliver progress summaries,
  • customer relationship skills to prepare the business users for the upcoming changes,
  • supportive boss, who will keep at it with you and help you remove organizational roadblocks.
This list is by no means comprehensive, but it gives you a feeling of what you are up against. Feel free to add to it at any time. Your experience is valuable, so share it with others.

Better safe then sorry, so prepare well before you start.


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