Top 5 Causes of Shadow IT Growth

In order to deal with Shadow IT effectively, it is essential to understand where it comes from. Why do your users avoid the IT department and take care of technology themselves? Let's see the top 5 reasons.

IT Is Too Slow

When the business issues a request for a new system or a change to existing system, it takes forever to get through bureaucracy. If they buy the product or service externally, they get it delivered quickly.

IT Is Too Expensive

Solutions delivered by IT are always overpriced. They are so costly, that it pays off spend valuable time to browse through offers of cheaper external vendors.

IT Does Not Deliver Innovation

Let's use a comparison. The business would like to get solutions which allow them to stay ahead of the competition. They don't need to be cutting edge, but they should be pretty modern and effective. However, doesn't do it, because they don't follow new trends, don't train their specialists. Effectively, they fall behind and become less useful over time.

The users see what is out there. They see how modern systems work. They use Twitter, Facebook, e-banking and others. They want this kind of innovation at work. If they don't get it from IT, they will start looking elsewhere.

IT Does Not Treat Users With Respect

The users are also consumers. They want to be treated as if they were the one and only customer. That makes them feel good. They feel their work is respected. If all they get from IT is a feeling, that they are a nuisance, they will not want to cooperate. They will go to companies, which treat them properly and buy products and services directly.

IT Is Defensive And Inflexible

Basically, IT is a naysayer. Any improvement suggestions, requests for new things are treated as evil. The business is constantly reminded why something is against procedures, or technically impossible. There are no alternatives offered. No wonder they will turn to someone with a "can do" attitude.

I will end here and let you draw your conclusions.


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